Why I am Super Excited About Christmas This Year!

The last 11 years of my life I have been working in retail as a marketing director and also as a sales person for my father’s jewelry store. As was customary in their jewelry business, the holiday season was all about making money and working non stop from Thanksgiving until the last customer walked out of the store on Christmas Eve.  Exhausted from no days off and late hours, enjoying my family and really understanding the true spirit and reason for the season was lost for me.

Back in September, some doors closed and other doors opened and I took my growing photography business full time. I am so thankful for all the people in my life who have supported me on my journey as a business owner, which allows me the freedom to express myself creatively and bring smiles to people with my work every day. I feel so fulfilled and lucky to be where I am today.

It also means that (YAY!) I get the time to spend with my family, love on friends and family in my life that much more. and REALLY appreciate what the season is all about.

Be a blessing and pay it forward, I dare you!!!

Most importantly, thank you GOD. I will do my best this year to remember the true meaning of Christmas and why we need to step back and appreciate the things that we have.  I want to be a blessing in someone’s life, don’t you?

{I would love to hear how you have or plan on being a blessing in someone’s life so please leave me a comment about it}

Hello world!

Well, like usual, I am a little late to the party.  But the good news is, I love a party and even though I am not the first person to show, I will eventually get there. I recently decided that I was missing the boat in an aspect of my photography business…da da daaaaa  “THE BLOG”.  So here we are, you and I, about to take the next step in this adventure. It’s going to be a learning experience along the way and I am glad you stopped by to share in the ride!

“So what is this blog going to be about?” you ask.  I want it to be about a lot of different things, so guess what? It’s my blog and that is exactly what I am going to do! If you didn’t already know, I am a photographer specializing in natural light portraiture of moms to be, newborns, children, seniors and families. I’m going to feature my favorite images from client’s sessions.  That’s a given. I’ll have a little write up about the session and how I arrived at the final photos you will see here on my blog.

I want to share some of my family and things going on in my life.  There is always activity between my two kids Cody 7 and Sammy 6, my boyfriend Jim, and his 14 year old son Jacob. More about the crew in another post ; )

I also want to share some helpful hints and tips related to photography. I will have guest posters, fellow photogs and other artists, willing to share a glimpse of what they do and how they do it.

Of course,  I will have contests, prizes and fun things that you can participate in! Keep your eyes peeled for that.

And please, I would love your feedback and suggestions for things you might like to see or comments on current posts.

Welcome to my blog and please stop back again soon!

Visit to the North Pole.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, only 12 more days to Christmas!!!! In my next post I will tell you why I am SOOOOOO excited for Christmas this year.

Beth Harbaugh - Very nice! It is amazingly inspiring to see you pursuing your dream and you are obviously talented so it is definitely meant to be! I love the blog! What a great way to join you on your new journey!

Patrice - LOOKS GREAT STEPH! Great picture of the kids at the North Pole. They are SO cute!

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