A Room with a View: Tampa Family Photographer


Picture the most feminine, soft and elegant baby room you have ever seen and that is what I encountered at the 4 month session of Miss Sydney. Mom and dad really put together a dream room for their adorable little lady so I had to capture it for them during our time together. This was an exciting shoot for me because it was the first time I had the pleasure of meeting the star of the day! I had worked with mom and dad a few months back when I did their maternity session. It is always such a pleasure for me to watch my clients’ families grow and I so am honored to be able to capture these moments for them.  We had the whole family including the dogs participate in the day’s activities which I think is so much fun.



Mother Nature Didn’t Win This Time: Tampa Family Photographer


As a natural light photographer, there are variables that I take into consideration when scheduling a session. Things like time of day and when the light will be best and most flattering for my clients are very easy to work out. Locations, props and the type of look the session will have are pre- planned by scouting trips and pre shoot consultations. The weather? Well, that is a whole other story! As much planning and preparation I do as a (primarily) outdoor on locations photographer, this one little trick that mother nature likes to pull out once in a while can throw off a perfectly planned session.  That is exactly what happened with this fun family. We had grandiose ideas of couches and chairs set in the middle of this wicked cool field near their home. Images of kids playing and romping as the sun sets in this field and the entire family captured in the golden hour would make a great overall family session.

As the blackened sky became more and more ominous about 10 minutes into our session, I knew this would not be the case. I did manage to capture a few good ones before the sky opened up but alas, the rest of the shoot had to be postponed.


And this is where the downpour started and ended our first session.  As a determined photographer, I reschedule the session for a few weeks later and look at what we got! Even though Mr. Couch did not make another appearance, we did manage to squeak in a few more with Miss Chair.

Shannon - Such a precious family! :)

Mrs. Peeler - WOW! These are amazing! What a beautiful family!

James - You guys look amazing! Great pics!

sabrina - I there are so many I like, My fav is with Lilly in the chair im next to her in the green shirt and its raining on us. She was the perfect modle,Stephanie was having so much fun with her on the 2nd session. I guess I should of re thought the idea of doing the pics the day after I came home from the cruise and had an extra 11lbs but other pics game out fantastic

paul st.john - These are GR8! TBH, my fav is the whole fam on the couch in the field with the pending storm. It’s such a refreshing portrait. Every other fam pic you ever see is so plastic looking when shot only on “perfect” days.

Shelly Reed - Sabrina your family is just beautiful! Looks like you all had fun!!

Hector Bergollo - What A beautiful Family You both have. The pics are wonerful.

pat - Adorable!

marie cody - Love the close ups of the kids and the ones of you and Paul. I agree I think the one with you an Lilly in the rain is perfect. I love love the outdoor photos like this!! I wish we lived closer to use the same person!!

Paul - I love all of the pictures. I was surprised that both of our kids were so well behaved. Cant wait to get the prints and put them out for everyone to see my family. I couldnt have asked for better photos.

marie cody - Monroe is usually pretty well behaved also,I think they like having alllll the attention on them :-) they are beautiful! You’ll have to find some neat frames for them. They would make good Christmas gifts too!!

Kate Wilson - WOW These are adorable! I especially love the third one :) Super cute.

Tizianna Smith - Absolutely beautiful family! Such wonderful photos too!

Sandra Elissa - Love the Family on the sofa outside, Yard looks stunning,
I would love to see the family done up in a patriotic theme :)
Loved, Loved the pics.

Aleisha Iamaio - Very nice photos!

Betty - Beautiful pictures of your family Sabrina!

april bender - What an adorable family! Love the sofa pics!

Susan - Sabrina, your family pics are just beautiful.

Frank Lauteri - Adorable!!!!! 😀

Billie Jean - GREAT pictures, Sabrina! You look like you all were having lots of fun! The photographer did a great job capturing unusual venues….love it!!

Glenda - Love it, you guys look great!

Emily Gass - Comments lol I my little neice and nephew they are so beautiful along with my sister and well I guess I’m stuck with paul jk bubba love yall

Deanna - Great pictures!

Jennifer A - Great family pictures. Where did you get them taken?

sabrina - Thank you loyal friends for giving your loving words,we took some in our back yard others were at a park near my in-laws that stephanie suggested

Katt - So cute :) They’re all great, but my favorite is lily on the jungle gym!!! SO PERFECT!

Rob Da Cop - :] Fantastic pictures!

Courtney - Awesome Pictures….

Josselyn - I didn’t expect such an awesome set with such an awesome family! Yayyy for memories!

Rose - Amazing pictures. The close-ups are fantastic. The 6th one down is adorable with the little boy posing.

Mary Ann - Absolutely Beautiful!!!!! Great family pics that as the children grow you can look at and remember….

Erica - Beautiful Family. Wow how the kids are growing so fast!!!!

Paige - So cuttttttee<3

Lori - Great pics!

Casey - Great pictures!! Beautiful family =)

Kell - Very nice

Darla Martinez - Your family pictures are beautiful! Your children have really grown since I saw them last!!! God bless you!! xoxo, Darla

Matt B - Great shots!

Donella - These pictures are just amazing. lovely family.

Shannon - Very cute pictures!!

Donny - Great family pictures

kate - Great pictures! What a beautiful family!

Rebecca Wilson - Adorable!!!!!<3

Brandon - Great family photos!

Robert - Great picture

dawn - amazing family pictures.

Shannon Marie - These are wonderful photos!! What a beautiful family!

Katie - I LOVE the one in the field with the storm approaching!

April - beautiful pictures…beautiful family!! Sabrina, you look gorgeous!! My favorite is Lilly in the chair with you smiling at her in the pouring rain…def frame that one!!!

Ashley - Fabulous!

ashley parker - Beautiful family

Martha - Amazing photos!!!!

Ashley K - Awesome family pictures!! I really love all of them!!

Joe C - Pictures are adorable!

Ashley K - Stunning!

Nicole A. - These pictures are too cute! This family is so happy :)

Zenith - Awww great pictures!!! Beautiful family :)

Cythina - very nice

Denise - adjetivo

Sandra H - such pretty kids

Sharon hemderspm - beautiful :)

Maritza - Lovely family photos.

Guest Blogger: {Rubber Boots Photography}


A big thank you to Rubber Boots Photography who is this month’s guest blogger for Stephanie Abeles Photography. Today they are sharing about one of their favorite types of sessions; the engagement session.

Hello everyone! We’re Christine and Tammy from Rubber Boots Photography. A big thank you to Stephanie for inviting us to guest blog today! We were so excited when she told us to write about the things we love about photography and weddings. When we meet our wedding clients, we usually meet with them months and sometimes a year or more before their wedding day. During that time they’re busy planning their big day and taking a moment to enjoy one our favorite things about wedding photography, the engagement session!

While some may see an engagement session as separate from wedding photography, in our minds it is part of the complete wedding photography experience, which is why we include one in all of our wedding collections. We love engagement sessions and whenever our clients are wondering whether or not they should do one, we always tell them these three things:

1.     Your engagement is an important moment in your lives together and should be celebrated too!

Planning a wedding can consume so much of your time that sometimes couples forget to enjoy the moment in their lives when they’re engaged. It’s an exciting and romantic part of your lives when you’re planning not only your wedding day, but your future together too. An engagement session is a great way to capture that moment in your lives. Usually at the beginning of the engagement session our couples have wedding details racing through their mind, which makes getting into the moment a bit difficult. To help them, we take a moment and ask them about how they met, their favorite date nights, and how they got engaged. By then they’ve forgotten about all the stress of planning the wedding and are all set to go with their engagement session. That’s when we come in to capture two people head-over-heels in love with each other!

2.     It’s a wonderful way for you to get to know your photographer and your photographer to get to know you.

Unless you’re a professional model, chances are you’re not used to having to pose for the camera. An engagement session is a great time to get comfortable in front of the camera, as well as get to know your wedding photographer’s shooting style. You’ll learn how your photographer works while they’re shooting, their thought process, and how they like to give direction. This is also a great opportunity to see how you photograph both individually and as a couple. For example, you may learn that you prefer your right side over your left, or perhaps you prefer not to look directly at the camera. Most importantly, you’ll have a whole new level of trust with your photographer, which brings us to our final point…

3.     By the time your wedding day arrives, you’ll be a pro!

Now that you are comfortable in front of the camera and you know you’re photographer’s shooting style, you’ll be totally at ease the day of the wedding. By the time the wedding day comes along, it feels like we’re shooting a friend’s wedding. We’ve learned what makes them comfortable in front of the camera, what angles they look better in, and what poses work best. Even more important, our clients are confident in us and they know that we will make them look amazing in their photographs.

We hope you enjoyed this post! If you’re about to have your engagement session or already did one, we’d love it if you left a comment telling us all about it. Thanks again Stephanie for letting us be a part of your blog!

Sisters, Christine and Tammy make up Rubber Boots Photography who are South Florida wedding and family photographers located in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. You can see more of their gorgeous work on their website www.rubberbootsphotography.com or on Facebook. Thank you ladies for your terrific work!



Matters of the Heart: {Tampa Family Photographer}


I had the pleasure of working with the lovely “Z” family a few weeks ago. They contacted me about doing a family beach session while they were vacationing in Florida from Iowa. When I heard about their trip and the fact that they wanted to capture their healthy and happy family on their beach vacation, I knew I wanted to capture them in this very moment in time. You see 4 year old Mason was 6 1/2 months old when he received a heart transplant. After spending the first 6 months of his life in the hospital it was truly a blessing for the family to bring him home only 11 days after transplant. This incredible family gives thanks to his donor and family everyday. They received the ultimate gift…the gift of life and how amazing is that! They wanted to make sure we also got some shots of Mason with his shirt off showing his scar. I love how serene his expression gets in the images where he is showing his scar. It’s as if, even at age 4, he understands in some way the depth and meaning of it all. I am thankful I got to meet this entire family from mom and dad, to Mason and of course beautiful Lilly!



Amanda Zenner - We so enjoyed meeting you and our session. Thank you again Stephanie for capturing this happy and healthy time in Mason’s life!!!

tiffany feger - what a big share! what a fun family:) i love how you get sun flare. i’ve run into your site twice now from various places. i like your work!

Rosie! {Tampa Pet Photographer}


Meet the newest addition to our family, Rosie the red Cock-a-poo! She is extremely smart (as most of the poo mixes are) and full of sassy goodness! As a newborn photographer I thought I would try my skill at capturing her fuzzy newness in one of my standard newborn poses using some of my vintage boxes and furry blanket props. I quickly found out that posing a 9 week old puppy was notably harder than the sleepy sweet newborn cherubs I normally capture in a similar pose!

Here she is in all of her four legged glory!

Thank you to Rock the Shot Forum for their September themed photo challenge: Pets! You can view other wonderful furry friend images at www.rocktheshotforum.com.

DeVende Photography - Adorable! Keep up the great work!!

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F a c e b o o k